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So You've Had an Accident...
Now What?


Always On Your Side

Don't get pushed around when you're fixing your car


Never Feel Uninformed

Read up on our blog and watch our videos for helpful info


Choose YOUR shop!

Then file an insurance claim if this applies.

Ask Questions!

If you have questions regarding the repair process, ask your shop! Being informed is the greatest advantage you have from being steered in the wrong direction.

Use this website

IF you experience difficulties getting a proper and safe repair paid for!

Do I have to accept “alternative” parts?

If you are insured and file a claim, then your insurance policy may allow for the use of aftermarket and/or used parts; however, your policy should also state that they owe for a safe (Pre-loss) repair!  Be sure to ask your body shops recommendation on the use of those parts. If you are 3rd party to a claim, there is NO law stating what type of parts that can be used.  You do NOT have to accept “alternative” parts!

Is my vehicle worth as much after a repair?

The answer is NO in most cases!  Your vehicle may have suffered Inherent Diminished Value. The fact that your vehicle suffered damage and will be labeled as such may negatively affect it’s value. You also may be entitled to compensation for DIMINISHED VALUE.  We recommend asking your auto salesman or seeking help thru diminished value professionals.

Choose YOUR Repair Shop!   Do NOT price shop for repairs!… It could be a fatal mistake!

You should ask friends, relatives, and colleagues as to who will do the BEST job and provide the BEST service. Do NOT leave this decision in the hands of the insurance company based on price! Are all shops alike? Absolutely NOT!