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My insurance company is telling me to go to their “preferred” shop. Do I have to?

By May 2, 2012Uncategorized

The insurance company may tell you to go to Shop X, their “preferred” shop, not telling you that the reason they might work well with Shop X is because Shop X is willing to cut corners and use poor-condition parts on your vehicle, simply to stay within the insurance company’s budget for that particular repair. In this case you may be a victim of Steering, and you should know you are not required to go to their “preferred” shop. You have the right to choose your repair shop. We would recommend seriously considering not using a shop that the insurance company wishes you to use, because going to Shop X, for instance, would result in you acting upon advice given to you by someone who owes you money; they may only have their interest in mind, not yours.

So, if they are pressuring you to choose their “preferred” shop, and you already have a repair facility of your choice that you want to use, then the next step is quite easy. Simply tell them which shop is going to do your repairs. They cannot make you go elsewhere. If you don’t have a shop in mind you’d like to use, we believe the best way to find a good one is to ask around. The best repair facilities don’t necessarily do the most advertising, but hearing stories from family and friends will help you determine who does quality work and really cares about their customers.

Note that getting an estimate from only the shop of your choice is key. If you get multiple estimates, especially at insurance company “preferred” shops, you are only giving the insurance company ammunition, reasons not to pay for your repairs in full.